counting music on frogs

I’m restless,
and couldn’t stay put,
when I read a book by Philippa Rae
and Stephanie Rohr about
counting the sheep to sleep,
I decide to count raining frogs to a nap.
TEN frogs hop to the Yun canal bank,
One is caught up in a fish tank,
the others bounce around having fun.
NINE frogs come to Robert Kerr performing stage,
One breaks a cello string in rage,
OOps! only eight frogs get featured on Quartz Mountain participant page.
EIGHT frogs run Marathon at Bricktown,
one of them jumps on a Norway Van,
Dawn! only seven wins with a brown gown.
SEVEN frogs swim at Atlantic Ocean,
One gets on a Yacht ship for vacation,
Wow! only six frogs remain free and clean.
SIX frogs swing at hyde park playground,
One frog decides to play seek and hide,
Ouch! only five frogs still ride on a merry-go-round.
FIVE frogs lay flat on New York Disney store,
One is taken to watch over the Pick-Stager hall,
Well! only four frogs crunch their jaw for a break after all.
FOUR frogs roll their body up to St. Louis Arch,
One sneaks off the tower with a French cook,
Only three counts their blessings for a good luck.
THREE frogs sit on a mouse pad watching the Price is right show,
One is included on the Hollywood pride tour,
Bang! only two frogs croak aloud for attention at Marc Polo website.
TWO frogs come to Buckingham palace,
One is kept by George Alexandra Louis to babysit,
Dough! only one frog returns to USA today for his high wit.
ONE frog flies a helicopter to Les Vegas,
The buzzing sound makes him feel dizzy and depressed,
He sets aside his purse,
stretches his legs,
and dozes off….zzzzz!
and worry less.
No more frogs,
no more store shops,
no more subjective comments,
all are well with a dream at Lincoln blogs.


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