Tom Werner of Sun Energy

Green earth?
Fuel-friendly to Gas-free?
Natural Power?
Recycle miracle?
Thomas Boone Pickens promotes Clean Energy,
Burns Hargis invents Hazel Brick Walkway Campus,
Thomas Edison creates light bulbs and electricity,
these are magical.
Before our earth is polluted,
and our ocean turns muddy,
we must pause, and think of
what Thomas and Valden have done to make life happier.
Let’s read about Tom Werner and his SunPower plan,
Let’s support Northwestern University McCormick Panama freshman project,
Let’s agree with Michelle Obama about healthier diet
and green garden growth.
Tomasz’s theory on SunEnergy is deep,
So does the theory on World Peace, Nutrition of Patrick, Mather, Gordon, Jolie,
Brown, Constantin, Infamous, Fallin, Scarlet, Paddington, Sina, Leorano, Benji,
Amy, Glecia, Jason, Dotty, Jacobsen, Frank, Larry, Banks, Anne, Julie, Emily, Stephan,
University of Chicago economists are right, thanks to Fama, Peter, Grace, Robert…
Fruitful economy and clean energy are important,
Academic Excellence of Education is promising,
So does Quartz Mountain summer arts program and OYO…


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