Happy Halloween Today


Mom, U R My Fresh Air

Halloween party is in progress,

I feel the urge to confess.

Frightful creatures start to fly around you,

Be aware of what they can do.

The witch flies upon her broom,

Ghosts stare in the gloom.

Black cats stretch their sharp paws,

Spider webs hang above the creepy lawns.

Look out, Look out,

Folks must be careful what’s this all about.

Seeing bloody faces at your door,

No panic, Stand firmly on the floor.

When humans wear masks,

They are doing what tradition asks.

This is the time pumpkins glow

with funny faces,

This is the time car horns blow

in the creepiest places.

Big ghost, small ghosts,

Fancy ghosts, ordinary ghosts,

Ghosts who write blog posts,

They show up, they disappear,

Have FUN, carry No fear.


love 1





2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween Today

  1. Happy Halloween today,

    An American holiday on which kids dress up and ghosts hunt, homes decorated with pumpkins and offer candies to kids who stop by and knock at your door.

    trick or treat,
    birds tweet,
    happy hunting,
    keep dreaming.

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