Let’s Minneapolis-Saint Paul and Utah Orlando More…


MayorKasimReedTom and I always enjoy vacations,
The way Justin and Sheng do.
Vacations are one of the best ways
to facilitate physical and mental nutrition
and fine tune one’s body shape.

When Tom and I stop by Minneapolis-Saint Paul
international airport this January 2nd,
It happens to be Justin’s 46th birthday.
How great! I’ve emailed him right after
Tom connects his Sager computer to internet.

Sheng, Tom and I truly love the sight seeings
at Seoul Chung Ang university, Tai Chung Dunghai University,
Providence University, Taipei National Concert Hall,
Taiwan Academia Sinica, New York City Time Square and Central Park,
Utah Arches National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park…

America has awesome attractions,
Detroit, Scranton, Philadelphia, Princeton,
Salt Lake City, Orlando, Memphis, Evanston,
The flight of concord F5 from Atlanta to Incheon is comfortable,
Tulsa airport and Hilton Garden Inn are remarkable.

Emotional and seasonal mindset is key to one’s health,
Let’s move about lots and exercise daily to preserve youth.

yaletulsa worldtokyo college of music


This is a submission to a project on nutrition…please join us today. 

A Walk On Nutrition Factors and Free Verse At Hyde Park Poetry Via Thursday Poets Rally (Week 78): Join Us Today To Pave A Healthy Habbit



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