Remembering Titanic 100 Years

 kong que wu or peacock dance

The tale couldn’t have been written better
Like a great novel that really happened
Uncertainness in unknowable future
The spirit of end left a mind opened

The magnificence of the ship to match
Scale only by the folly of people
Who drove in hell through the darkness then switch
More lives of unthinkable possible

A detailed timeline of the ship’s few days
A timeline of the last night of their life
Blossoming romance tragedy always
Hits a unconscious dream with a luck wife

The juxtaposition of rich and poor
The gender roles played out into the door

mirissa mayer
March 30,2012 Hormish Garden of Toronto 10: 00-12: 00 am

Highlights of Titanic

Long as three football fields
Tall as 11-story building
Room for 2,500 and more passengers

April 10,1912: Noon – Titanic leaves, Southamption, England
April 10: 6: 30 pm – Titanic stops in Cherbourg, France
April 11: 11: 30 am -Titanic stops in Queenstown, Ireland
April 11-April 14 -Titanic travels toward New York.
April 14: 11: 40 pm – Titanic strikes iceberg
April 15: 00: 25 am – Passengers(women & children first) begin to be loaded into lifeboats
April 15:2: 20 am – Titanic sinks
April 15: 4: 10 am – Carpathia reaches first lifeboat of survivors
April 15 – April 18 – Carpathia sails toward New York
April 18:9: 00 pm – survivors arrive in New York

debroah is peng
Much of the planning of Titanic was done by a man named Thomas Andrews

The captain of the Titanic was Edward Smith who had sailed for nearly 40 years and was planning to retire after the Titanic’s first voyage

One of the richest men in the world who named John Jacob Astor was on his way home from his honeymoon in Europe and Egypt with his new wife Madeleine

The captain of the Carpathia was Arthur Rostron who was headed from New York to the Mediterranean Sea. In all,706 people were rescued by the Carpathia, over 1,500 had been lost

hormish woo
qi e or penguin yahootom,

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