Jialewis Prink (Monkeys, Human Greeks, and More…)

Aya Ziegler WilsonGoogle.com, youth is priceless, agree?

Everyone is a critic,
We love to be critic of life.
And you were optimists and have faith,
and I a skeptic and pessimist-Yeah!
However, I do have my own world views:
It takes millions of years
for the universe to civilize, from ashes to rocks,
and it takes at least half a million years
to turn monkeys into walking Greek,
History is written on our faces,
progress takes patience, faith, and time,
Earth has ages,
Persistence and consistence may not
coincide but we do research
to discover ourselves,
including truth or facts not recorded…


14 thoughts on “Jialewis Prink (Monkeys, Human Greeks, and More…)

  1. …Persistence and consistence may not
    coincide…how much difference is there between persistence and consistence?…is that difference different than the one between coincidence and confluence?…step step BeyondBoundaries and find out…enjoyed the visit….^^~~~~~

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