Precious and Divine By Kim Nelson


If innocence was stolen
Sage, tenderly, I offer you
If love was denied
extracted at cost
Bay, juniper, ’round you I’ll strew
If touch was not gentle
Caresses not pure
With angelica I’ll draw your bath
If ‘cherish’ is foreign
Adoration unknown
Take my hand
I’ll show you the path
And a mirror
So you
Can see what I see
What you’re intended to be

Jialewis Prink (Monkeys, Human Greeks, and More…)

Aya Ziegler, youth is priceless, agree?

Everyone is a critic,
We love to be critic of life.
And you were optimists and have faith,
and I a skeptic and pessimist-Yeah!
However, I do have my own world views:
It takes millions of years
for the universe to civilize, from ashes to rocks,
and it takes at least half a million years
to turn monkeys into walking Greek,
History is written on our faces,
progress takes patience, faith, and time,
Earth has ages,
Persistence and consistence may not
coincide but we do research
to discover ourselves,
including truth or facts not recorded…