Barely Agreed

You are everywhere,

You are everyone,

You think that we’re done.


I’m perpendicularly late,

shadows leak from our trees,

off into your laps, heads up.


The responding bird is in hiding,

Your secret shivers to stroke the lute,

You must stop your stubbornly rectangular thoughts.


How I met him,

How we hold things together,

You’re too subjective to acknowledge it.


Now, admire the elongated raindrops on sill,

Stay still,

and don’t show your teeth to disagreements.

8 thoughts on “Barely Agreed

  1. I miss you my friend and I miss your original posts.I’d be delighted to get your visit and comment on my new poem.take care and have fun.keep in touch please.

  2. Very good piece and enjoyable. I’ve always considered my thoughts to be oval shaped, maybe trapazoid? My thoughts are never perfectly round, nor linear; never have been, never will be. Sometimes they seem to bounce crazily off the sides of skull, on occasion pinging off the inside of my eyeballs and I’ve wondered if they’ll ever arrive at their intended destination. Of course I can wait. I sit quietly and wait for my zinging thoughts to finally calm down and wherever they fall, I know I’ll have time to travel the distance to pick them up and get them to the right place.
    Thank you so much for sharing. Have a blessed week.

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