J. K. Rowling Is Graceful (London, England)

Today is funny,

My mood is sunny,

I had a magical ride

with world famous figures beside:

J. K. Rowling is graceful,

Amy Tan is thoughtful;

Kate Middleton is charming,

Jennifer Aniston is smiling,

Angelina Jolie and Paris Hilton are quiet,

with Oprah and Maya Angelou being on diet,

We die crying

while enjoy flying…


Submitting this to

Funny Bunny Fridays Week 7

Poetry Picnic Week 25: Military, Soldiers, and Veterans

Short Story Slam Week 20: Love In Creativity Project, All Is Welcome!

I am honoring the most outstanding individual blog links who have been leading at Jingle Poetry Community and make everything well rounded and cool, see details below:

The Purple Tree House by The Purple for doing humor and poetry form prompts; 😉


Sunset Beach by Taylor Boomer for keeping poetry picnic parties going, 😉


The Morning Dew by Natalie Sunflowers for running Thursday Poets Rally perfectly; 😉


Life Is That Easy by Beth Snowflakes for keeping Bluebell Books in beautiful shape; 😉


Too Long A Solitude by Tifiny Moon for sticking to life’s principles in divine senses; 😉



8 thoughts on “J. K. Rowling Is Graceful (London, England)

  1. Well done with the 55 words, Aya! It was easier than I thought it would be. I don’t know much about Harry Potter but I liked your post, especially his sparkly picture, lol! Happy Valentine’s Day to you as well. Blessings, Terri

  2. Very nice poem and post, but I must say, you keep me confused as to who you are. For months now, I have known you only as Jingle then I recieve aa comment on my blog from Aya, which when I follow leads me to Jingle, who, in her “About ME” says her name is Ji. I am so confused!
    I appreciate all you do and enjoy your writing, whoever you are!

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