Short Story Slam Week 7

Short Story Slam Week 7:

Join us today!


As a loner, being single and unemployed, John makes a living by buying used books from college students /professors with least costs and resells them to book stores, he always reads fictions before he lets them go, especially books on fantast or magic,  and he enjoys  day dreaming and  believes in magic!

Now he is 45, yet has never touched a woman and not sure how to get one, precisely, he believes that magical adventure is his lifetime love, women are either too bossy or too dependent to arouse his interests…

This summer is super long for John, he is aging and his one room apartment is not organized, the increased temperature makes his life almost unbearable…

“Can magic happen to me? I wish for some excitements…” John murmurs to himself, laying in his single old bed, on this last day of July.

That’s when a strong wind comes knocking at his door, and a force flows in and takes him.

John is flying, with no wings!

He feels like screaming, yet has no strength to let out a cry.

The next thing he knows is that he is on a coconut tree in a jungle, about 20 feet high, with a ripen banana in his hand, and he smells like monkey.  His face turns RED when he finds himself naked, with a group of monkeys standing below the tree, grinning at him.

John is not sure what to do. He wishes to dig a hole and dive in…after a few seconds of embarrassment, he decides to jump down and kill himself…and he throws the banana toward another tree, and lets himself fall, toward the ground.

He is ready to die.

But, half way from the ground, something snatched John and again, he is flying, this time with a strange bird under his body.

Strong wind hits his cheeks, his face changes shape and he feels like screaming again, but no voice comes out of his mouth!

When John eventually has his feet on earth, he hears soft music, and more startling, he is dancing with the fairest lady on earth, near a beach…only two of them, under the romantic moon light…

“I’ve never learned how to dance.”  John tries to stop what he is doing.

“You dance like a pro.” Her voice is sweet, making his heart jump!

“Who are you? Why are we here?” John tries to find his conciseness, blushing…

“I’m your friend.”  She smiles, putting her body closer to John.


John has this strange feeling, he is doing something he has never wished to do or has no desire to do, yet, he has lost his courage to stop doing it.  A shock of electivity flashes cross his body and he has to admit that he actually loves it.

The air smells of wine and a cloud hides half of the moon.

The music has stopped itself, and John and his friend have stopped dancing at the same time.

“I have to go home.”  John tells himself.

But his hands has pulled his friend closer,  and he squeezes her cheeks gently and begins to kiss her.

John  finds himself laying at his same old bed, all sweaty when the ring of the doorbell wakes him up.  It’s a client who wishes to sell him his used books.

He still recalls what has happened to him, and it is in his dream.

PS: this is a fiction, hope that you enjoy reading it.

29 thoughts on “Short Story Slam Week 7

  1. This is so sad and so full of realism…yes realism…when people just forget that time passes…and they are alone and helpless

  2. I think there are a ot of people just like John, think time will last them forever, until one day they wake up and begin to feel the aches and pains that come with age and realise, time is marching on and they have waited so long, maybe life is passin them by.
    a lovely short story read from you Ji 🙂

  3. John was one of millions of lonely people across the world, a little older than most, but discovering life and love. Hope he doesn’t wake up and find it just a dream.
    Thanks, Ji, for the delightful story.

  4. WOW!!! I mean look at the thought those words bring in 🙂 amazing!
    I am pretty sure there must be many such Johns 🙂 kudos to your writing…loved it

  5. I like this story so much because it reminded me of my own constant dreams of flying. I’ve been told that when we dream of flying we wish to escape from something. I think John wants to escape from his loneliness. A beautiful story, Jingle. xoXox

  6. Glad to take over, Jingle, I honor you, this blog is still under Jingle the blog name,

    but I am happy to start anew and make my impacts as Aya Wilson….

    best wishes…

  7. Lovely story…very thought provoking, edge of my seat kind…kind I really enjoy reading. I noticed a different Gravatar face in the comment section of one of my poems here: with the name Jingle…So, did the original Jingle write this story, or, did you Aya? And, maybe there’s something I can find on the site already, but, when did the change take place? If I may ask… Either way great little yarn.

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