Summer’s Songs (4 Poets Rally Week 49)

Thursday Poet’s Rally Week 49, please join us and share a free verse or any form of poetry with poets rally today, and have fun!

Summer’s song for sorrows

is summer showers,

For all her enjoyment, she sows


Thunder’s roar shows

Her rages,

Blue Ocean bestows

the love affairs she engages;

Summer sings soft with a

shooting star,

For a treat she grabs a

Cooking jar;

Dancing she goes to

a camping ground,

Smiling she heads to

a merry-go-round;

Emerging with a hot sun,

Painting the earth golden as she’s done.

Summer’s songs linger at summer seas,

Summer’s poets ponder with hot gazes.

84 thoughts on “Summer’s Songs (4 Poets Rally Week 49)

  1. Summers poets gaze with hot gazes! I love summers because of this! More out in the sun worth hot gazes!

  2. Very nice feel of summer which somehow I think I missed this year because of the drought and too late came the rains.

    Always enjoy your additions to the Parking Lot. Know I am suppose to go to 18 different poets but I landed back on yours because of luck. Was just taking the odd links

  3. What a lovely summer treat. We’d better enjoy it now before it bows down to autumn. 😉

    Thanks, Ji for visiting. I appreciate it.

  4. Hi, Jingle! I took a bit different look at the line above, and would have written, “For all her thundery showers, she sows flowers.” But that’s my take. I like yours as well.

  5. What a lovely trip you take us on with this one, Jingle. I can really relate to those poet’s hot gazes at the end– let’s grab it all now when it’s here– there’s got to be at least a jillion poems in it!!

  6. “Summer’s song for sorrows

    is summer showers,

    For all her enjoyment, she sows

    flowers” I love these opening words, the intricate balance… there are always both showery and flowery times in live and even migled in one season, and it’s the presence of both which reminds us how alive we are, and isn’t summer such an alive time of year? xx

  7. I really loved the measure of your poem! It was remarkable.
    “For a treat she grabs a
    Cooking jar;”
    I started laughing out by the time I reached here. =)
    Keep it up! =)

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  9. I love this poem, especially the opening lines –

    “Summer’s song for sorrows

    is summer showers”

    Very well written, thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. Wow,

    Such cool poetry, love it. Its really very inspiring. Thanks for sharing such cool poetry with us.

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