Short Story Slam Week 5


Short Story slam Week 5

School is over, time for summer vacation.

Mom had made a decision,

I must stay at my grandma’s house,

where I have no way to use a computer mouse.

I refused to eat,

But starved to death without drink/meat;

Eventually, I admit,

I have to get used to country living indeed.

I drink tomato soup with egg drops,

I eat wheat sandwiches with lettuces, no soda pops,

I pluck eggplants and milk cows,

I collect eggs and listen to cats’ meows …

Mornings content No traffic noises at all,

But the roosters’ call,

But that’s Not all.

Free from internet,

No more text messages or online chats,

My life has turned 180 degrees you bet,

I find myself in love with chickens and cats…

Breathing the freshest air  in the vegetable garden,

I feel like living in HEAVEN, I beg your pardon.

Grandma’s stories make me learn,

Knowledge is something priceless to earn;

The seed for growth is sowed,

as this story is told.

As I show off my own little tree,

I see the pride in the eyes of my Mom, Hurray!!!

21 thoughts on “Short Story Slam Week 5

  1. As a country girl who now lives in a small town I can really relate to this …..I loved the whole poem and thought the ending great, it gave a great message that many kids need to be reminded off ..thank you for sharing

  2. A simple message conveyed about the beauty and value of a simple , uncluttered , technology-free lifestyle ! All kids should have such an experience at least once in a lifetime !

  3. what an unforgettable vacation for that girl…
    I like it when you brought about the life of country girl in a small village…
    This line is cool: ‘I must stay at my grandma’s house, where I have no way to use a computer mouse…’

  4. It’s kind of fable based on fact. somewhat real, somewhat legend but, that is supposedly the origins of the expression, this too, shall pass. It was inscripted in a rong for the king but, I just added the archway as a bit more of a read to the fantasy….lol Glad you enjoyed it.

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