My Candle Burns At Both Ends

My candle burns at both ends,

Not sure how to identify true friends;

Life moves on without a hitch,

WHY care about which is witch;

If I bury all sorrows in a crater,

Won’t things look much better?

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If you are a poet, please join Jingle Poetry Potluck Week 42 Today, Week 42 Theme: Friends, Siblings, and Cousins…Yet, you are encouraged to share old poems or poems unrelated to our theme!

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64 thoughts on “My Candle Burns At Both Ends

  1. Sometimes hiding or ignoring your sorrows only make the flame burn faster. Nice job.

  2. Good one Jingle – and life does move at such a pace, and yes it is often hard to identify new friends – Thank you for sharing.

  3. What a great poem. It holds such feeling. Burying those feelings is probably not the best choice. I think friendships have to be tested to find the true ones. I wonder if unconditional friendship exists?

  4. Yes it does. Sometimes when you slow down with no burning taking place at both ends, you wonder what else you can do…
    Lovely, sweet share. Thanks!

  5. Yes…out with those sad & bitter memories and on with the joys of life.

    Nicely done Jingle & thanks for the gifts.

    Have a great week ahead, dear blog friend!

  6. I hear you are burning the candle at both ends. There’s no time for worrying over the past or dissecting what’s real and what isn’t. Your words always make me smile.

  7. Well, that was a fun combo of prompts. I’m not sure any of us are true friends all of the time…friendship is just one of those undeserved gifts to cherish I suppose.

  8. A very beautiful poem. It happened to us all the time. And I find it a lesson learned and when it’s done move on. Life is so much beautiful ^_^

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