I Dream of Being Seen As ..(4 Poets Rally Week 47)

Thursday Poet’s Rally Week 47, share a free verse or any form of  poetry with poets rally….have fun!

I dream of being seen

as the evergreen

as I stand at the edge of your yard,

with my best regard.

that way,

I’ll stay

awake, with no rest

as light of the sun dies in the west.

I’d never turn brown

Even if you forget about watering me

While being out of town.

It has been a while when I formally take an award,

This award is given to me by a fellow poet, appreciate it.

I wish to nominate




For The Perfect Poet Award Week 48…

60 thoughts on “I Dream of Being Seen As ..(4 Poets Rally Week 47)

  1. Ah the evergreen..such a stately tree so protecting and wise, Congrats on your Award and Thank you for all you do. We all feel your protection and wisdom abundantly.

  2. Fun post … it is fun to accept awards – you should do so more often. You are an inspiration and a “cheerleader” for all of us to do our best … thank you! \\(^o^)//

  3. I have a message saved on my phone say, trees have souls, a friend said this as comfort the day my landlord cut down the mulberry tree I had been sculpting for three years…….I should have tried an evergreen!

  4. This is enchanting and magic poem To be see as an evergreen. To live a very long time as you watch the world pass by. Wonderful words.


  5. To be seen, perhaps we need to be the last one standing. Always the ones at the sides are usually neglected and the center gets all th atention, hence maybe why not stand in the centre to get all the attention?

  6. this is truely truely awesome… so much love and your insight for the post speaks a gr8 deal about you too… my first read of the day… and you amde me thrilled….

    jz mindblowing….

  7. Seriously, that’s a great quick examination, i just wanted something very similar for a long whilst. Also wikipedia wouldn’t developed those techniques quite possibly. Keep posting, you are doing it all fantastic. On the other hand, i have to run to job at this moment, so i will certainly check out your website when i returned. Have a very good nice morning.

  8. Sounds like you’ve got …not precisely springtime fever, though a lot more like early spring excitement. This particular blog post made myself believe something in me personally desires tweaking, a change. However it is actually a terrible, continually tricky to improve yourself without any help. Next to nothing important in anyway. I’ll relax and take a bathroom and also go to bed, probably will make that far better the day after. Thanks for your posting, fantastic day! 🙂

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