Short Story Slam Week 4

She loves sailing, water is her passion.

Life could not be better until all of a sudden, her father died.  She is the only child in the family, her father’s business that worthy 1 billion dollars ends up in her hand, according to her father’s will.

She is only 22 yeas old then, freshly graduated from college.

Having no clue how to mange a company of 8000 employees, she is forced to study, read project proposals, ask branch managers for details and more…ending up sleeping 5 hours a day.

She becomes slim, yet elegant.

After 6 months, she basically has everything in perfect shape.

It’s Independent day, she wants to celebrate a little bit, inviting her boy’ over…

But as she comes to his apartment to give him her free self, surprising him, she saw him with another girl, and the girl is her best friend.

The world has turned upside down again…

She deserted the place, like a man running away from bumble bees…

She almost wants to kill herself, but, she remembered her own life time principle:

“if one blames others for one’s own failure, one is never going to make progress,  it is her own responsibility to make her life happy…”

She writes him off her life that day.

And she goes to the sea all by herself, sailing, smiling, feeling and enjoying a new chapter.

Written for short story slam week 4:

come join us and have fun today!

Alphabe-Thursday  j is for just learned my lessons

Magpie Tales

36 thoughts on “Short Story Slam Week 4

  1. Wonderful narrative JI .
    Enjoyed reading the story.
    Loved this analogy “She deserted the place, like a man running away from bubble bees”.
    Well written 🙂

  2. Nice!
    Hopefully the young lady quickly realized that the guy was a cheating bum from the beginning.
    Good Character and Respectable Values are very important.
    Monogamy, Faithfulness, Eternal Love and Commitment, still cherished….always expected.

  3. What a neat little story.

    I guess it’s like a little fable that money can’t really buy happiness…

    But still…a billion dollars might be fun to play with!

    Thanks for linking.

    I really enjoyed this so much.


  4. I love the ideas of individualism , female empowerment and taking responsibility for ones own happiness & well-being ! Great story !

  5. Jingle, this is a marvelous story. I wish that so many other unhappy people in this world could learn this lesson. I always ask the question … “what am I doing wrong here that I need to change?” Leo told me to let you know that I have finished with all my questions and reading over on Thursdays Rally. Thank you so much.

  6. I think she’ll make without too many tears, and a billion dollars! I love the possibilities in this..spiritual and material!!

  7. When we place our happiness in another’s hands, then we forfeit it for good, for then like a blade of grass bending with every whiff of breeze , our emotions go this way and that .Peace and stability is always at stake. But when we realise that the source of our happiness in within ourselves, then we are able to love without hitching it to receiving it in return . Your girl , in this story understood that. Kudos to her.:-)

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