Saturday Writing Challenge (100 Words or Less)

  Jenny Matlocks: Saturday Centus

Saturday Writing Prompt: within the stone

linked to poetry potluck week 40

Poetry Potluck at Jingle Poetry


It’s magic time,
Time to walk through the wall
and vanish with clinched jaw.
Within the stone,
You start to lick your wound
and heal without hearing any sound.
Within the stone,
You forget about yourself
and become as innocent as an elf.
Within the stone,
You reach satisfaction
Without any distraction.
Within the stone,
You rise above
as everything around you is pure love.
Within the stone,
your muses fly
and emotions go up high.

30 thoughts on “Saturday Writing Challenge (100 Words or Less)

  1. You have captured the magic,
    that is deep within the stone,
    You have found the essence,
    that is yours, and yours alone,
    You have put the prompt to use,
    found the magic within the stone,
    You must wisely use the power,
    that is yours, and yours alone.

    You have the power, Ji, very well done!

  2. My young teen loved reading the harry Potter books, and the movies too. She’s on tenterhooks right now waiting for the part two of the last one~!
    Loved the imagery in this Ji !

  3. Beautiful stone Jingle…
    no stone unturned t
    to find the last one
    to keep the fires burning
    the souls of lost, innocent lives.
    Enjoyed this.

  4. I just now discovered the post despite the fact that when i was looking for something completely different. I JUST saved it all due to the fact i need to depart at this moment to meet up with my mommy, and your site looks significant also. I will read through that afterwards after sunset as i will get the kids to get to sleep. However , this post seems actually respectable, i like your style of composing. I am going to keep the actual web browser window opened and so my husband definitely will read this also. Have a good afternoon

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