Saturday Writing Challenge (less than 27 words)

With the prompt: The End, use no more than  27 words this time.  Linking to Jenny Matlocks, Saturday Centus

You thought this is the end
NOT yet! my friend.
Withhold Betrayal,
and ugly games…
Stay put you must,
In God we trust.

46 thoughts on “Saturday Writing Challenge (less than 27 words)

  1. Very well done ! Hope and faith can take you down a long, unfamiliar road and keep you from danger if needs be…and I love it that you posted a photo too !

  2. JIngle, This is some powerful stuff. It evokes a number of thoughts for me. Betrayal, greed, ugly games. We have all experienced these things somewhere along the line of our lives. Thanks.


  3. I am having so much trouble commenting today on any WordPress Blogs. About 10 comments have simply “gone.” Perhaps I have figured it out … finally. Now, for the third time I really enjoyed your words here! 🙂

  4. Interesting words! Thanks. I have learned how to read poetry written on a dark background. If you highlight it as though you were going to copy, it stands out much more clearly.

  5. Jingle, geez. No challenge really challenges you, does it? You take every single prompt, polish it off, Jingle-fy it, and wow us with your mad writing skills.


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