Haiku Heights/ABC Wednesday in Sunday Prompts

Coming in a trance,

Tragedies take place in flocks,

Not much can be done.

All of a sudden,

Nature manifests its power,

Winds howl, raindrops prowl.

So little being done,

So much for me to do,

Pardon me, sweet you.

I make many choices,

Yet when tornadoes show blues,

I lose voices and clues.

Poetry Potluck at Jingle Poetry

One Single Impression

Carry On Tuesday

Sunday Scribbling

Haiku Heights

ABC Wednesday  (T is 4 Tornado, T-storms)

Happy Memorial Day! Prayers to Those who Suffered or Died during natural disasters or wars!

41 thoughts on “Haiku Heights/ABC Wednesday in Sunday Prompts

  1. Not much can be done….seriously how true!! I like the way you used a couple of prompts in the same verse..very creative and meaningful to the current times…My favorite line?? ‘I lose voices and clues.’

  2. Hello Jingle.
    You were very creative to combine all the prompts.
    We are all at nature’e mercy.

    So much truth in your words.

    Another nice one from you.

  3. Brilliant – so cleaver of you to combine all the prompts. I’ve taken a shining to haiku too but you’ve proved my better as I couldn’t do it for the carry on tuesday.

  4. I love the connection between storms and life. May we all have gentle showers instead of torrential downpours.

  5. I love this one of yours! Natures beauty and fury with our humanness in comedy (the cat) and ever present joy (the cool girl thinking music) beautifully creative. Wow! cindy

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