Short Story Slam Week 2-What Does Ruby Want?

Ruby’s birthday is only a week away, she is going to be 10.

Here he is, Tom, Ruby’s Dad, on his way to buy his daughter a birthday gift. Thinking of the excitement on Ruby’s face, Tom runs faster, with his horse Nally.

Life on prairie could be dangerous. Wolves, bandits and natural disasters may hit them unexpectedly. It is end of May here, the temperature is fitting, but there was a tornado two days ago near their hometown  and the family is safe because they have a shelter underground, some food supplies plus bottled water are stored there.

It’s getting hard and harder to come up with a birthday gift for Ruby. She almost has everything a girl ever dreamed of: loving parents, teddy bears, Barbie dolls, a kitten, and a puppy…her Mother Sarah has been home-schooling Ruby….and now, she is getting a pony. Life could not be better.

Tom is wrong, Ruby is depressed for quite some years now, she is a girl growing up barely getting out of her home, despite times she spends outdoor playing with her puppy or kitten.

Ruby wants something, something she could hardly think of it concretely.

Here is a list of things that might help Ruby:

1):  a friend of her age

2): going to public school

3): a younger sibling

4): living in a city

Can you add yours if none of the above works in your personal perspective? What do you want if you were Ruby?

Have  fun!


My entry for Short Story Slam Week 2:

Write a poem or a story based on the image you see, you can create if you want to!