More Than One Single Impression (Poetry Potluck Welcomes You!)

Poets are sensitive souls

who have solid goals,

They are haunted by sadness

and end up in madness.

Solutions solve problems,

Keys unlock doors,

How things work out,

It depends on concrete situations of yours.

Never surrender to bumble bees,

No fear of rambling weeds,

Provide shades to lazy cows,

Offer friendship to lonely owls.

running water is never stale,

A door-hinge never gets worm-eaten,

As long as the green mountains are there,

One need not worry about firewood.

Fishing fish,

Baking bacon,

Guarding garden,

Seizing season.

One Single Impression

Poetry Potluck

Sunday Scribbling

Blue Monday

Poets United

If you are a poet, you are invited to join Jingle Poetry Potluck Today, feel free to share 1 to 3 poems, old ones or theme unrelated ones, are all welcome…Happy Poetry Potluck!

43 thoughts on “More Than One Single Impression (Poetry Potluck Welcomes You!)

  1. Oh my, Ji, aren’t you busy, busy buzzing with creativity today. This is truly a fine post, top to bottom. Maybe not unexpectely my fav is the first. The illustration and poem both quite wonderful. Thanks for all the color and cheer and good stories.

  2. Creativity of words…ain’t it today??? Awe-inspiring it all is..!! Especially the one written about ‘poets are sensitive souls…’ Gr8 start for the day!! Each one was better than the other…Amazing!

  3. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Your poetry is both delightful and unique. I may have said it before in a different way, but the same message. Jingle’s poetry style is one of a kind. Blessings to you…

  4. “Never surrender to bumble bees,
    No fear of rambling weeds,
    Provide shades to lazy cows,
    Offer friendship to lonely owls.”- These I liked very much, also the way you make my thoughts wander off in 6 different directions all at the same time!

  5. So many impressions, reaching out in different directions, makes me feel like dancing. Lonely owls, bumble bees, sensitive poets, — I must be mad because I can relate to all.

  6. Yes, we are sensitive souls. What a palate of portrait of poets you paint!!!
    ( How is that for aliteretion?)
    Sorry I did not enter this week as so much is going on in my life. I did enter a poem in Promising Poets Parking Lot and read and commented on 18 or more but that was all I could manage. I usually am always writing, but we had tornados all over our state, and we have been taking donations for tornado victims. Crazy times and I am going to write a poem about storms and winds of life!! See you next week, and keep up the good work of encouraging us as poets and bringing us into community so we know we are not alone.

    Sunny days and peaceful slumber,


  7. Very nice, Jingle! 🙂 I wonder, if reading this, if I might like to be a poet. It sounds more exciting than I had imagined.

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