Hard to Fulfill Life’s Proposal (Poets Rally Entry in 55 words)

A function may be transcendental,
A mind is emotional;
A pain may be mental,
A cut on hand is physical;
A product may be artificial,
A concert is musical…
Hard to fulfill
life’s proposal,
Some incidents are meant to be confidential;
The look of twins may be identical,
Yet, their stories are absolutely

Thursday Poet’s Rally Week 44, share a free verse or any poetry with poets rally hosted by Leo, Jingle, and more….have fun!

Friday Flash 55, write a story, or a poem, link your post to G-man on Thursday night 7pm…have fun visiting other talented 55 players…. wink!

77 thoughts on “Hard to Fulfill Life’s Proposal (Poets Rally Entry in 55 words)

  1. I like the rhythm and descriptions! The words about twins also make me wonder how two people who are so identical can be so different. (Also, I want to have twins!) This is another enjoyable read, Ji! 🙂

  2. Nicely done, Jingle!! Twins have their own language, and similarities, but they strive for differences – and those differences can be night and day!!! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!! 🙂

  3. Makes me think..your posts are always enveloping different topics each time i read them..
    Sometimes a beautiful message..sometimes giving us something to ponder..or sometimes beautifully refreshing..


  4. Thank you for visiting my blog page and leaving so many kind notes. I am not quite sure how or where I am supposed to answer the questions before I can participate and submit anything to anywhere.
    Your note said: ‘ To become a participant and recelive awards, please submit your entry to our blogger account via the linkz yourself…hope to see you share.”
    I’m not exactly sure on what link of yours I’m supposed to submit a sample of my poetry/prose. Sorry, I still seem to get a bit lost finding my way around the site.

    From what I’ve read of you today, you write beautifully!

  5. Jingle Belle…
    Thanks again for your wonderful support.
    I liked your poem.
    Thanks for visiting, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  6. I loved this – when I read it, for some reason, my mind keeps ending it with: absolutely, wonderfully different. Somehow by removing the “tiable” ending, the suddeness of ‘different’ adds to the effect – for me. I hope you don’t mind my addition, or rather, subtraction to your wonderful poem. The photos are perfect, both separate and together; isn’t it interesting how cat-like the sisters are, and how feminine the cats? Fulfilling one’s own potential isn’t a matter of fulfilling other’s expectations, but being your own perfect self – just the way you already are – this is the message your poem says to me, and its a message I love. Well Done!

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