Haiku Heights/Poetry Potluck!

Fortress jails the body,

but the sky is the limit,

soul soars free to heal!


Haiku Heights

Poetry Potluck


12 thoughts on “Haiku Heights/Poetry Potluck!

  1. We are not held in by fortress walls,
    when we can soar,
    We can go over mountains tall,
    when we can climb,
    We can overcome any writer’s block,
    If we can poem,
    And if we observe and take stock,
    What Jingle does,
    Filling each page with beauty and fun,
    And optimistic haikus,
    Lifting the spirits of everyone!

    Thanks, Jingle!

  2. Really like what danroberson stated…in a nice, poetic manner! Amazing..
    This Haiku was really refreshing from the subject itself…Freedom!

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