Into The Distance I Look (3rd Entry 4 Short Story Slam)

Along the river we run,

The scenes in sight are fun,

Reindeers, peacefully enjoy a walk,

Birds, cheerfully singing to talk.

Of creatures that are about,

The swimming ducks truly stand out,

Into the distance I look,

Cheery blossom hang above the brook.

Clouds, quietly sail by,

The Sun, naughty and shy.

Of the joy and pain you obtain,

An adventure on a hot air balloon

will keep you from living in vain.


My 3rd entry to Short Story Slam:

Everyone is welcome to join us!


15 thoughts on “Into The Distance I Look (3rd Entry 4 Short Story Slam)

  1. This is a very visual piece of writing ~ I could see the river , ducks , birds , cherry blossoms etc . You painted a pretty picture !

  2. Great poem and beautiful picture of hot air balloons. They’re fun to ride and watch the earth stay, while you’re going up, up, and away.

  3. this poetry is really joyful and deep all the same….I like the blue balloon, from the ground it draws my attention more powerfully than the other balloons because its one color and has a vertical design that makes me want ascend…I also want to see what is around the river bend…..more wonderful creatures perhaps?

    Very inspiring content! I love it! Cindy

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