Bluebell Books Welcomes Your Visits!

Dear Blogging Friends:

A new blogging community is born, Bluebell Books

if you have books published and wish to be listed, send email to

All official positions are filled, see the list below:

Mondays/Poetry Paradise:   (2)



Tuesday/novels, short stories: (2)




Wednesday/Children’s Playground (2)


Jennifer: ,

The Good Stories,

Thursday, Short Stories Slam:

Mellisa: Post is up on May 12, 2011

Friday, Cooking


Amy Arnold:

Saturdays: Biography



Sunday: Interview on Book authors/New Releases



Olivia, tech, (Biographic sequence in Prose) (Biographical excerpts in Poetry)

Someone Is Special, Tech(help listing books)

Jamie Dedes: Substitute

On May 12, 2011, We will open a writing Prompt, called Short Stories Slam, Everyone is welcome to contribute,  basically, we provide an image, you write a short stories,  a prose, or a poem based on the inspirations you get from the image…

The purpose of this is to promote CREATIVITY/FICTION writing, most of us write poetry, yet in life, we must go beyond our comfortable zone and make progress on other writings, hope to see you in……..

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