Monday Poetry Potluck Week 33 Welcomes You! /Sunday Prompts

Life in prairie could be fun,

especially when you ride a horse and run;

Wind blows a lovely song,

Adventures keep you live and young.


The journey ahead could be as rough as a tree,

Through the mist one is unable to see,

Doubts and hesitations may knock your brain,

Fears and failures may cause you pain.


Yet, Life will make your learn,

Sometimes you lose and sometimes you win;

You are born to live,

As hope lingers and tickles your belief.

 goldenhairbear10, balletonly – May 3

C., The Darkest Divide – May 6

Michael Yost, boogulu – May 8
Luke Prater, Wordsalad – May 22
Wondrinsoul, A Life LMeiro, Meiro – May 29

ess Blog – May 26

My entry to the following meme, Happy Birthday Greetings to May Babies in our community! Thanks for the support, Happy May 1st!

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63 thoughts on “Monday Poetry Potluck Week 33 Welcomes You! /Sunday Prompts

  1. Both of these are wonderful Jingle…I can not believe it is May already….Happy Birthday to all May Babies…bkm

  2. May your birthday be full of love and happiness, adventures and hope. As Jingle stated….learn a lot and live a long time. Enjoy your birthday!

  3. Very nice here, Jingle. 🙂 I grew up on the prairie and rode my horse to the first two years of high school. That was as nice an experience as your poem told it, making it personal for me.

  4. Hi – this is Chloe from “Writing Days-Happy Days” with my new look blog. I’d love for you to pop over and take a quick look at “Blossom Dreams” if you can – possibly even subscribe 😉

    If I’m on your Blogroll, please can you change your link from Writing Days to Blossom Dreams?

    Many thanks and have a great day!!
    Chloe xx

  5. I adore the Monday’s Child image. I think you must have written your delightful poem whilst admiring it! Or perhaps you wrote your poem and sought the perfect image to accompany it. Either way, both are so true and perfect!
    And thank you, Ji, for visiting my site and liking my story : )

  6. Jingle – Love the poem and the photo paired with it. Happy Birthday wishes to all May babies – including me … I celebrate all month long … 🙂 … I figure I deserve it!

  7. Very nice pair of images – word and photo … May is a wonderful birthday month! I claim it too, and celebrate all month long … at this point – one day isn’t enough time! 🙂 Happy Birthday to other May babies!

  8. You are nominated under children’s literature category, please take some time to
    Vote before July 2,
    Have fun exploring your peer’s poetry/short stories,
    Thanks for the time!
    Your submission is pot of gold to us…
    Bless your day…..


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