Alphabe-Thursday-Beat it!

It steals your heart

like a cheating mate,

It makes life fall apart

by falsely sealing your fate.

It slaps you on the face

like a losing hand,

It leaves no trace

for you to find.

“the task is too tough,”

“The music is too loud.”

“You did not perform good enough

to buoy the spirits of the crowd.”

Perfectionism makes you whine

and lose all the fun.

The tables have to be turned

so that life lessons can be learned.

Criticism is hard for you to hear

when no one else is near,

You end up inclining to regress

if the center topic is success.

Beat it,

Tear it,

Discard it,

Ignore it.


29 thoughts on “Alphabe-Thursday-Beat it!

  1. a great philosophy to have “be happy without being perfect” ~ i like that. an almost perfect poem. {smile} just teasing ~ it’s wonderful!

  2. Jingle.

    I read this through several times…what a lot of meanings you captured here. Each time I read it, I found another level of interpretation for myself.

    Thank you for sharing your work.

    I’m curious. Do you have to work at these, or do they just flow out oganically?


    1. when inspired, words flow like water, otherwise, it is hard to write…

      i can write a poem in 5 minutes if I am in good mood.

      I can rhyme fast, no kidding….

  3. oh, very nice! I spent time yesterday reminding my 5 year old it is ok to make mistakes…she is so hard on herself…this poem was very nice and very timely!

  4. “You end up inclining to regress
    if the center topic is success.”
    My favorite line,
    Great job here, you seem to have only gotten better in my absents. Looking forward to becoming part of the community again.

    HEY JINGLE, I am back, computers working again all is ready to resume and i apologize for my extended delay, i would gladly return to the bi-weekly rally the next time it comes around 😛 hope all is well with you take care.

  5. What a perfect poem. It speaks to me….telling me it’s ok, just enjoy the ride and stop stressing about details~~~ Love it. Blessings, Joanne

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog

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