Tuesday Thankfulness (A Repost of Luna’s Tribe)

(For Jingle; For Everything You Do.)

I’ve wanted to say thank you

Many times before

But I’m sure you have heard

it a million times I’m sure.

What I wanted to say

In my own way


You are a leader that shines

From within

You’ve inspired so many

You are a rare gem.

Doing what you do

Is a magical gift

Don’t ever think

There is something

Wrong with it.

You are the beacon

Lighting the way.

How many poets

Have you found

Just today?

You do so much

For so many

That is so true.

I just wanted to give,

Something back to you.

Please accept this

Pretty, Pretty please.

And know in your heart

You’ve really touched me.

Luna writes above piece at


I am linking this to Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike)

Lunais sweet, she writes a tribe to Jingle, well,

Luna gives me Shining Light Award, Thanks a ton!  xxx

Please leave a comment if you wish to take it…

everyone is working hard,

I am doing a small part,

I return my gratitude to her and to you,

Best Regards, bless you!