30 poems in 30 days-Day 16

NaPoWriMo: http://www.napowrimo.net/ (Day 16: poem out of a given paragraph)

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“I pulled down the curtains. When I leaned over the typewriter, sparks burnt round holes in my shirt, and fire singed a sleeve. I dragged the rug away from the sparks. In the kitchen I filled a bucket with water and returned to the erupting typewriter. The typewriter did not seem to be flying apart, only erupting. On my face and hands I felt the heat from the caldera. The yellow fire made a fast, roaring noise. The typewriter itself made rumbling, grinding noise; the table pitched. Nothing seemed to require my bucket of water. The table surface was ruined, of course, but not aflame. After twenty minutes or so, the eruption subsided.”

My take from the above message:


Not expecting something like this,

But have to share it, please;

Pulling down the curtains,

I found my typewriters in pains,

I saw eruptions and a fire,

And it grabbed me with unstoppable desire.

Removing the rug to safety,

I ran to my kitchen quickly,

With a bucket of water in hand,

I tried to stop the burning from spreading,

Hot waves slapped my face,

And placed holes in my cloth,

Hard to stay calm and grand,

I stood close

To the typewriter, seeing it losing its grace,



My hands froze,

The water is not applied,

The eruption eventually subsided

After 20 minutes or so, a mess,

And I had to accept the aftermath.

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