My Bed Is A Boat

Attached to strings,

Puppets perform on screens,

Stirring up emotions.

Pandas, black and white,

Ignoring the cameras,

With eyes closed tight.

Let your self-defense

Be the most present tense,

Will life make more sense?

My bed is a boat,

Ducks quack, not to be sold,

Let our thoughts freely float.

Poetry Potluck

Haiku Heights

Monday’s Child

39 thoughts on “My Bed Is A Boat

  1. Dug the animal imagery. Your poetry is very clear-eyed, and I mean that in the best way possible. Inherent honesty and kindness bleed through everything you write. I always enjoy stopping by to sample the wares and enjoy the good vibes. Take care of yourself & keep up the fine work.


  2. Lovely words! I like the message of the puppet master. I feel like that is how the news is presented. So frustrating. I wish the puppet master would stop making is puppets exaggerate the truth.

  3. Bravo! Such delight. I always look forward to the creative way you illustrate as well as to your poems. I think I particularly love “My Bed Is My Boat” – quite a little fancy. Clever.

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