A is 4 Air

Hot air,

Cold air,

Air makes life fun and fair;

Fresh air,

Foul air,

Air is something we all share;

Invisible air,

Visible air,

Air’s our life’s magical affair.


What can you say in 160 characters? (spaces included)

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Alphabe-Thursday (A is 4 Air)


36 thoughts on “A is 4 Air

  1. dear and divine….. breath in love…..breath out happiness…..in between fair of life’s celebrations continues on Jingle’s blog …. love all…

  2. I hope others care about our air,
    We’re still good as long as it’s there.

    Your poem is happy and has flair. Great job.

  3. Wonderful Ji.. And I am glad to know about A-Z Challenge via your blog.. SmileS… and your are as usual awesome writer..

    Someone is Special

  4. Air! Wonderful that you would develop a whole post around this. And soon it will be muggy summer and hard to breath the air. Air is indeed “our magical affair.”

  5. Lots of air blowing over the Island all the time, so lots of fresh air, salty air and with an election on May 2nd….lots of hot air!

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