Your Confidence Matters!

Your confidence matters.

A person’s success has little to do with one’s background, race, gender, social class, or education. It has everything to do with your drive to try your best, treat others with respect, and to be likable.

Everyone has a gift. If you have done a beautiful job, people will take notice. You may not get all the attention or business, but you will get some, starting from one, then two, ..when your success grows, so will your confidence.

Stay confident, do what you love, and smile all the way…

Happy Tuesday!

I am grateful/thankful that You are reading this.

Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike) (Thankful Tuesday)

Alphabe-Thursday (Y is 4 You, Your Confidence Matters….)


26 thoughts on “Your Confidence Matters!

  1. I would need more definition for the likable statment. I think too many people have compromised situations and not spoken up in defense of others for fear they won’t be liked. I think our kids are often told they have to learn to please other people or they can’t be successful. The successful people I admire have often said and done things which made people uncomfortable, but it needed to be done.

  2. J,

    I have come across this bump with you on my first ever piece for the rally recently. I know you’re trying to be positive, but I’m a realist. I came across this by chance and I felt urged to speak my mind.

    If you’ve never experienced intense oppression based on race, class, gender, orientation, ability, education, etc. before, then I don’t expect you’d understand. Its easy for people who haven’t had certain challenges to say exactly what you are saying in this post. I also find it very interesting that in a post about confidence, all the images here are of white people…just an observation that may have no bearing on your intention. All the same. I’m not insisting against your optimism, I’m insisting for my realism.

    Some people have to struggle their whole lives with certain issues in their world. I think its insensitive and disrespectful to survivors to ignore that.

    I definitely appreciate what you and the staff are doing here and I think its beautiful and positive, infused with a whole lot of energy. I’m happy to be involved.

    –Ms. Queenly

  3. What a wonderful message to share! Confidence is one of the hardest things to build up and also one of the easiest to break if you don’t have a strong one. It also makes quite a difference on how you present yourself regardless of what or who you are! Thanks for sharing such an important “Y” lesson!

  4. Jingle! This was such a perfect message. I wish this could be shared with every woman and girl in the world. We set ourselves up for failure by always comparing to media and unrealistic expectations.

    This was a wonderful message.

    Thanks for sharing it.


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