32 thoughts on “Breakfast in Pink

  1. Oh gosh, this is just so fun… Hmm, like something I usually nag myself in the morning, especially about the shower part.. and the milk.. okay, okay, I will add it.. I don’t drive so leave out the car keys for me.. *hehehhehe*..

    Lovely expression, now, I have something to smile at, remembering your poem each morning.. LOL..

  2. Enjoyed the acrostic..did you know it is a very ancient form–some of the Psalms use it. Sometimes I wonder about a secret message, would it infuse the whole poem?

  3. Here at last! Your “breakfast in pink” … I finally found it.

    Fun acroastic. Nice fulfillment of each challenge. Well done, Ji.

    Happy Rally days and Happy Potluck! Hope you are having fun and not getting stressed.

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