Breakfast in Pink

Beat the sun,

Rise and get your shower done,

Eat something fresh,

Add milk, no need cash,

Kiss goodbye,

Find your car keys beside,

Any traffic jam?

Slow down and pray to uncle Sam,

Tomorrow, try to do the same…


Magpie Tales


32 thoughts on “Breakfast in Pink

  1. Oh gosh, this is just so fun… Hmm, like something I usually nag myself in the morning, especially about the shower part.. and the milk.. okay, okay, I will add it.. I don’t drive so leave out the car keys for me.. *hehehhehe*..

    Lovely expression, now, I have something to smile at, remembering your poem each morning.. LOL..

  2. Here at last! Your “breakfast in pink” … I finally found it.

    Fun acroastic. Nice fulfillment of each challenge. Well done, Ji.

    Happy Rally days and Happy Potluck! Hope you are having fun and not getting stressed.

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