Thursday Prompts -Live Like A Butterfly

Live like a butterfly!

This is her lifetime goal, and she is achieving it…

Eventually, she stopped feeling shy and dared to write her thoughts down on paper.

Life is jocund overall, it is magical as a matter of fact, yet, few know her secret of happiness.

It is nice to play the game with dual faces, she loves volley ball games while in high school, the way she tosses the ball high yet to make a perfect score is unforgettable to many of her fans, and every time she makes a hit, glassful smiles will fill her heart with satisfactions,  and her pale with pink tint cheeks would blossom like spring buttercups.

Pensive mood is always paired with the joy of solitude. She is all sunshine in public!

No two characters are identical, she is a unique butterfly who aims high and never quits trying…

Theme Thursday (Paper)

Three Word Wednesday (Dual, Identical, Volley)

Cloaked Monk (Magical)

20 thoughts on “Thursday Prompts -Live Like A Butterfly

  1. Perhaps we all have that secret part of us, the moody, sad even despairing self that none would believe as we bounce and shine our way through life for all to see. Great work.

  2. A lovely tale of someone learning to balance both sides of their nature and fly! We all have our public and private sides, and it sounds like your “butterfly” has used this to her best advantage. Thank you for sharing at Monday Memories!

  3. So true, I particularly liked the reference to getting the courage to put things down on paper…there is a definate leap of faith there 🙂

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