Thursday Poets Rally Week 40 (March 24-30, 2011)

to Thursdays Poets’ Rally week 40 (March 24-30, 2011), You Are All missed !!!

Basic Instruction for Rally Week 40:

#1: If you are a FIRST TIME participant, you must leave a comment under Vinay’s post to sign an agreement, (poets who are previous participants and wish to have your entry fine turned are also encouraged to sign agreement under Vinay’s post), after signing the agreement, link your entry via linkz, you have about 7 days to make a minimum 18 comments among participant list, we prefer that you get it done by Sunday…

#2: If you are a returning poet, please be advised that you can choose to comment for 18 participants New to you under Vinay’s post, or comment for 12 participants, 6 Fresh Poets To explore via this post!


Week 40 The Perfect Poet Award Winners:

Vinay (Accepted)

Fiveloaf (Accpeted)

Jamie Dedes (Accpeted)



Deadpoet88 (Accpeted)

Emmanuel Ibok (Accpeted)

Nanno1982 (Accpeted)

Ashley (Accpeted)

A.B. Thomas, Mutter Fluka (Accepted)

Yelena m.

Sina Saberi

Julian Javier the Cyber Mushroom (Accpeted)

Krissie (Accpeted)

Mihir Vatsa (Accpeted)


Meanwhile, back at the ranch…




Kshawnedgar (Accpeted)


David Agnew

Bodhirose (Accpeted)

Dag Travner (accepted)

Imagina (Accpeted)


Gaurang Rao (Accpeted)

Dennis Go

RPM (Accpeted)


Silvertongue (Accpeted)

Andy (Accpeted)


Marlee-I Mystic (Accpeted)

Rekha (Accepted)

Robin ellen lucas (Accpeted)


Gerardine Baugh

JL Dodge


Kim Nelson


Scottf (Accpeted)

IBeingMe (Accpeted)

Lolamouse (Accpeted)

The Lonely Recluse (Accepted)

Sherry Irvine

Marian (Accpeted)


lunawitch15 (Accpeted)

Jingle (Accpeted)



36 thoughts on “Thursday Poets Rally Week 40 (March 24-30, 2011)

  1. oh boy… ur fast Ji 😀 was just goin to say I’ve accepted the award, and u’ve already marked me down as done 😀 lol.. thanks!

  2. I’m a bit confused – how/where do I answer all the questions? I clicked on the website link you emailed to me, but I’ve no idea if it worked. There are so many instructions, it’s a challenge to know where to begin – Any simple, step-by-step instructions (preferably no more than three steps) would be most appreciated. I feel like I’m back in college taking an exam.

    1. well,

      for you, it is easy, share a poem, give positive comments to 18 poets, either from participants list

      or explore fresh poets to give encouragement..

      Thanks for the feedback..

  3. Congratulation to all above mentioned..

    I am here to check out the fresh poets… Can’t really get to sleep so decided to drop by here for some new poems..

    Oh yes, Jingle, am done with all 18.. lost count of how many to be exact.. Jus wondering, do we start nominating now through comments here or… ?

    Sorry but I am always confused with when where to nominate and so far, had missed it too many times.. Hence I hope you will explain about it.. Thanks and Sorry for the trouble..

  4. Am a new poet, I love this project as it helps in showcasing new Poet like me and create a platform to explore the world of poetry. I also agree and saying yes to all the seven points.

  5. I was kind of confused with so many rules but thebrokenpenwriter’s comment’s reply helped me 🙂
    I have never participated in a thing like this before..New and so different in so many ways

  6. Finally, I am in time to nominate.. *wink*

    I am here to nominate (in no particular order)in this week Rally

    1. Jingle
    2. Thingy
    3. touch
    4. Vinay
    5. Blaga
    6. Brokenpen
    7. Someone is special
    8. Bendedspoon
    9. Chimnese
    10. Kavita
    11. Uma
    (and among the fresh poets)
    12. Eliza – heartbreak
    13. Looking for roots – River Down
    14. Nithin – Violet

  7. After wondering through the minds of those poets upon your site… I am back to say thank you for such insight… for now I know there is poetry a first a new lesson for me… for I write for love and prosperity now I shall go and play with other forms to be… Spider!

  8. Ah, this is super cool. I think I’d like to try this out, though I’ll probably be horrible at commenting on eighteen poems. I’ll do my best though 😛

  9. Thank you for the link!
    I have no idea how you found me, but this project looks really great and something I would like to become a part of, but where to start?

  10. Love the links! It is wonderful to simply browse through and every one. Thank you as always for sharing and bringing us all together. You are one of a kind oh beautiful friend. 🙂 xx

  11. hey 🙂 I´m not on this awardwinner list, although I was on the earlier list of week 40 😦
    or is it because I am new to the rally and am on the “explorer”-list? 🙂 or I haven´t accepted the awars yet?! 😉

  12. just to let you know I did all the commenting or in other words: YES YES YES YES YES YES!!! lol
    JOy ~

  13. I’ve attempted to open the agreement. However, it would not open for me. Is this something that is a one time deal? I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all the fresh new poetry and have found this group of poets to be quite excellent. Thank you.

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