Tuesday Thankfulness(Support New Meme Effort)

During our life span,

We encounter many people,

Some come

and leave with twisted impressions,

Some join

and disappear with NO particular progressions,

While others stay,

and make visual contributions.

We do NO harm to those who disagree,

We let those short term passengers go free,

We treat the respectful ones with great passion,

That’s how we grow a forceful mission.

I am thankful

Because you are near,

I am grateful

because your friendship is dear,

Life is  beautiful

because spring is here,

Life is blissful

because my mind is pure.

Joy to YOU,

May all of your dreams come true.

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32 thoughts on “Tuesday Thankfulness(Support New Meme Effort)

  1. That’s just simply beautiful.. and it expressed perfectly how things are, especially in the cyber world.. Yeah, many friends left.. only a few stay..

    That’s just so moving.. *eyes misted*

    Thank you so much for supporting this Meme… You took my hand and led me into a wonderful poetry community group and stay when I have my hardest fall, injuring my ankle and foot.. You stay while I was away from writing and waited for my recovery..

    Jingle.. thank you soooo much!!!


  2. This are lovely words. And so very true. Beautifully written and perfect for J-day. The tulip image is a very appropriate addition too! 🙂

  3. This is beautiful. A live-and-let-live reminder, and full of appreciation for those we hold dear as friends, be they on here or in person. Thank you, this is one I will read again. Very uplifting 🙂

  4. Oh yes, I like the line “Some come | and leave with twisted impressions,”. Don’t we all!! Enjoy the love ❤ xx

  5. A beautiful sentiment and lesson toward the art of friendship that comes from the heart of one who thinks and feels deeply.

    Just as spring brings renewal to the earth, we must also find renewal within ourselves. -kay salady

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