Lots of Laughter in 55 Words

I’m saddened by online schemes,
online schemes dishonoring our names,
I’m bothered by computer bugs,
computer bugs with electric shocks.
I’m stalked by ghosts,
ghosts spying posts,
I’m attacked by sick roses,
sick roses that few chooses.
I’m entertained by foxes,
foxes that pop out of boxes.
I’m tickled by poems,
poems composed at homes.

Lots of Laughter (Clerihews by Vinay)

Friday Flash 55 (by G-man)

Thursday Thinking Tank at Poets United (Ghost)

The writing is a fiction, simply try to have fun while fit the themes…Thanks for reading.

27 thoughts on “Lots of Laughter in 55 Words

  1. I love this 55 poem.. I almost missed to read your post regularly for more than a month due to the challenge.. I am free from my works now planning to enjoy the work here.. smiles.. Happy Women’s day.. belated..

    Someone is Special

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