I Had It Out of My Mission ( 4 Thursday Poets Rally Week 39)

I have a dream of fantasy,

I handled it with passion,

As my heart outgrows the fancy,

I had it out of my mission.

Now I can have peaceful sleep

so that my day is full of musical beep.


As if in eternity I have been,

I treasure the full blossom of my imagination,

Blue sky against fluffy clouds,

Rock and roll music with excited crowds.

Hillside with green grasses,

Pecan trees and poetic masses.

My entry 4 Thursday Poets Rally Week 39, please link your entry via the link below:


March Birthday Celebrations In Our Community: Please visit the following poets to give your greetings, Happy (Belated) Birthday!

March 1, Christine: http://ibrewhaiku.blogspot.com/

March 3,  Aleza,  http://azfree.wordpress.com/

March, 7, Yogesh iBeingMe: http://wp.me/YCzT

March 13, Datsme:http://justthinkingloud.wordpress.com

March 27, Amanda (buttercup):http://buttercup600.wordpress.com/

March 28, Someone Is Special at Few Miles



63 thoughts on “I Had It Out of My Mission ( 4 Thursday Poets Rally Week 39)

  1. Happy birthday to those with March birthdays! Enjoy rock and roll music, fantasy and reality, dance up a storm, and celebrate!

  2. Nice poem Jingle 🙂
    uh…quick question; today I saw the result of the nominations, how were they nominated? I had no idea how I could nominate…I wasn’t aware where the page was or didn’t receive any notifications in advance. I just don’t wanna miss it next time cause there were SO MANY poems which i liked and where my favorites and I didn’t get a chance to vote for them 😦

    1. I nominated you by including your link in the nomination post, you shall get a pinkgback and come to check and look yourself, most poets do this, it is hard for me to notify more than 200 poets one by one,

      sorry that you missed the chance, will make sure you vote next time.


  3. Loved this Ji.. Mine is a very old poem.. Linked it to show my love and support to Thursday Poets Rally.. Soon will write a new one as well.. Thanks for listing my birthday.. Happy man..

    Someone is Special

  4. I love this.. It seemed, through you and the rest, you guys are healing me with words that warmth my icy heart now…

    I am making my way around as usual and 4th on the list, my eyes are misted.. I don’t know, maybe I will have a good cry at the end of the day, to let all the stress out in me..

    Birthday wishes.. I will return to click on the links and send them my wishes after I am done with my round..

    🙂 Here is mine.. http://www.tingtasy.com/2011/03/collections-of-tings-poetry-tpmar101.html

  5. Hey this feels like you are enjoying too much of your free time 😛 lol
    Happy that you can enjoy us more on here and the Jingle legacy goes on…

    cool and funny piece Ji, maybe you are having time for more fun with us all…I like!

  6. “I have a dream of fantasy,
    I handle(d) it with passion,
    As my heart outgrows the fancy,
    I had it out of my mission.”-

    Lines that depict reality. Here is a short poem for this piece.

    Something comes as a muse,
    Something as a bag. It takes some days,
    when the muse becomes a bag
    and the bag turns amusing.

  7. what a gift, to have had a fantasy, handled it with passion and removed it from mission, making way for more fantasies to come true 🙂

    nice Jingle!

  8. Personally love the last six lines. 🙂
    Blu sky and fluffy clouds. What a nice day to be experienced!

  9. I’m done with my 18 visits for Thursday Rally, probably will do more as I go with the poetry collection … Have a good weekend Ji!

  10. Lol such wonderful things you list in this! 😀 Funny how we outgrow things that were once so important to us, isn’t it? And yet, there are other things just as important that we hang on to even into adulthood. Thanks for the uplifting verse!

  11. I think this is a great poem, in fact I was wanting it to be longer! Have you considered adding to it? I was curious about the dream of fantasy…I want to read more details about that too! I like how the edges of the lines seem to undulate down the page, which I think fits very nicely. Thank you for your comments on my work, it is greatly appreciated.

  12. Ah dreams and fantasies … transport us altogether to a different world right ? Loved the opening lines , there was a passion and zest to make them not just a fantasy 🙂 Simple and cute poem Ji ! 🙂 Liked it 🙂

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