Alphabe-Thursday-U Is 4 Unfold…

When a flower blossoms,

Magical beauty unfolds,

When a secret is revealed,

Strong emotions erupt.

When a baby is born,

Life’s form turns from unknown to known,

When an artist creates a cartoon,

Imaginative characters dominate the tune.

I worship No super power,

Yet I fancy the stretched mind for many an hour,

Life is full of frictions,

I would love to survive all the addictions.

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The butterfly Award 4 u

Big Heart Award


Alphabe-Thursday (U Is 4 Unfold, Unknown…)

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ABC Wednesday-I Is 4 I Am A Flower

I am a flower in a garden,

I am innocent, pure, no pardon.

I always do the right thing,

Regardless how much damage done to everything.

I carry no shame,

I have NO guilt,

I desire nil fame,

I swallow No insult.

A painting is a painting,

It is artificial and could be misleading,

Truth always stands out,

I need not to worry or doubt.

True friends have trust,

False claims will never last.


ABC Wednesday (I is 4 I Am A Flower)

I Had It Out of My Mission ( 4 Thursday Poets Rally Week 39)

I have a dream of fantasy,

I handled it with passion,

As my heart outgrows the fancy,

I had it out of my mission.

Now I can have peaceful sleep

so that my day is full of musical beep.


As if in eternity I have been,

I treasure the full blossom of my imagination,

Blue sky against fluffy clouds,

Rock and roll music with excited crowds.

Hillside with green grasses,

Pecan trees and poetic masses.

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