A is 4 Air

Hot air,

Cold air,

Air makes life fun and fair;

Fresh air,

Foul air,

Air is something we all share;

Invisible air,

Visible air,

Air’s our life’s magical affair.


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Happy Wednesday..



Your Confidence Matters!

Your confidence matters.

A person’s success has little to do with one’s background, race, gender, social class, or education. It has everything to do with your drive to try your best, treat others with respect, and to be likable.

Everyone has a gift. If you have done a beautiful job, people will take notice. You may not get all the attention or business, but you will get some, starting from one, then two, ..when your success grows, so will your confidence.

Stay confident, do what you love, and smile all the way…

Happy Tuesday!

I am grateful/thankful that You are reading this.

Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike) (Thankful Tuesday)

Alphabe-Thursday (Y is 4 You, Your Confidence Matters….)


Thursday Prompts -Live Like A Butterfly

Live like a butterfly!

This is her lifetime goal, and she is achieving it…

Eventually, she stopped feeling shy and dared to write her thoughts down on paper.

Life is jocund overall, it is magical as a matter of fact, yet, few know her secret of happiness.

It is nice to play the game with dual faces, she loves volley ball games while in high school, the way she tosses the ball high yet to make a perfect score is unforgettable to many of her fans, and every time she makes a hit, glassful smiles will fill her heart with satisfactions,  and her pale with pink tint cheeks would blossom like spring buttercups.

Pensive mood is always paired with the joy of solitude. She is all sunshine in public!

No two characters are identical, she is a unique butterfly who aims high and never quits trying…

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Thursday Poets Rally Week 40 (March 24-30, 2011)

to Thursdays Poets’ Rally week 40 (March 24-30, 2011), You Are All missed !!!

Basic Instruction for Rally Week 40:

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#2: If you are a returning poet, please be advised that you can choose to comment for 18 participants New to you under Vinay’s post, or comment for 12 participants, 6 Fresh Poets To explore via this post!


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Vinay (Accepted)

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Deadpoet88 (Accpeted)

Emmanuel Ibok (Accpeted)

Nanno1982 (Accpeted)

Ashley (Accpeted)

A.B. Thomas, Mutter Fluka (Accepted)

Yelena m.

Sina Saberi

Julian Javier the Cyber Mushroom (Accpeted)

Krissie (Accpeted)

Mihir Vatsa (Accpeted)


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Kshawnedgar (Accpeted)


David Agnew

Bodhirose (Accpeted)

Dag Travner (accepted)

Imagina (Accpeted)


Gaurang Rao (Accpeted)

Dennis Go

RPM (Accpeted)


Silvertongue (Accpeted)

Andy (Accpeted)


Marlee-I Mystic (Accpeted)

Rekha (Accepted)

Robin ellen lucas (Accpeted)


Gerardine Baugh

JL Dodge


Kim Nelson


Scottf (Accpeted)

IBeingMe (Accpeted)

Lolamouse (Accpeted)

The Lonely Recluse (Accepted)

Sherry Irvine

Marian (Accpeted)


lunawitch15 (Accpeted)

Jingle (Accpeted)



Tuesday Thankfulness(Support New Meme Effort)

During our life span,

We encounter many people,

Some come

and leave with twisted impressions,

Some join

and disappear with NO particular progressions,

While others stay,

and make visual contributions.

We do NO harm to those who disagree,

We let those short term passengers go free,

We treat the respectful ones with great passion,

That’s how we grow a forceful mission.

I am thankful

Because you are near,

I am grateful

because your friendship is dear,

Life is  beautiful

because spring is here,

Life is blissful

because my mind is pure.

Joy to YOU,

May all of your dreams come true.

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You, She, I, Excuse Me and Good Bye

You were our friend,
Things came to an end,
Because, something I “offend”.
I was waiting outside the door,
But she jumped over the floor
and went to see you, I saw.
After she’s gone,
I came in
and you asked me to leave you alone.
You, She, I,
You chose her,
I know why.

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Sum Up The Courage 2 share This Poem

Spring sun simmers the afternoon air,

Tickling breeze makes curious stir.


Wild ducks fool around side by side,

Leaving overlapped water rings beside.


Set a mellow yellow flower petal in to make a splash,

Pick some wild berries home, no need cash.


Hear the train whistling by,

Take a photo shot and happily sigh.


Walk along the half-remembered path by the canal home,

Sum up the courage to share this poem.

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