T Is 4 Tiger

Alphabe-Thursday (T is 4 Tiger)

Applications of Tiger…

–> How can you catch tiger cub without entering the tiger’s den?

–> This guy works like a tiger.

–>She is good at crafting paper tiger.

–>You can see American tigers at most zoos.


27 thoughts on “T Is 4 Tiger

  1. Tigers are beautiful in the wild,
    Where they don’t have to be meek and mild,
    As long as I can watch from safe inside,
    Not in the tiger, but from where I abide.

    Beautiful tiger photos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I did the correction Ji, terribly sorry about it …and I left a comment to the girl with apologies I hope she’ll be fine …

  3. Hi Jingle…

    I love the cute pics here. I wanted to thank you for stopping by and leaving such a lovely note. I have been very busy lately and afraid lost my muse during all the chaos.

    I am hoping to be inspired this weekend. Although, the snow and ice seems like it will never go away. I hate to get out my jammies in the mornings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Best… wishes..


  4. The first thing that popped into my head when this link opened was Blake’s poem.

    And then I thought, oh my oldest Grand would love this post.

    And then I smiled.

    What a terrific little link to share on our journey through Alphabe-Thursday’s letter “T”.

    Thank you!


  5. Hey! Cool! Is this a game?

    tigers romp wildly
    hissing at their tigery tails
    stripes tangling terr’bly!

    Thanks for Your words and coolness and Cheers and Namaste.

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