Thursday Poets Rally Week 38 (Feb 17-23)

Welcome to Thursdays Poets’ Rally week 38 (Feb 17-23, 2011), Which is NOW hosted by Jingle and Leo

Basic Instruction for Rally Week 38:

#1: If you are a FIRST TIME participant, you must leave a comment under Leo’s post to sign an agreement, (poets who are previous participants and wish to have your entry fine turned are also encouraged to sign agreement under leo’s post), after signing the agreement,  link your entry via linkz, you have about 7 days to make a minimum 18 comments among participant list, we prefer that you get it done by Sunday…

#2: If you are a returning poet, please be advised that you can choose to comment for 18 participants New to you under Leo’s post, or explore The Perfect Poet Winners and The Fresh Poets To explore via this post!

PS: The purpose or uniqueness of Thursday Poets Rally is to discover fresh talents and recruit new poets to our team, thus, it is important that many of you go through the FRESH Poets to Explore and offer encouragements to poets so that they get inspired to become a participant. Thanks.

No panic about the agreement, it is simply saying:

An original poem,

Tag Poets Rally,

Visit and comment for at least 18 poets within 7 days,

Let us know if you wish to take the official award, the perfect poet award or not,

Let us know if you wish to have your poetry fully represented or not after the rally is over,

Stay positive, no gossips or negative comments…

Poets who enter for Thursday Poets Rally Week 38 will be nominated for The Celebrate Poet of January in 2011 Award…Come on in and have fun!


Week 37 The Perfect Poet Award Winners:

Fiveloaf (Accepted)

Jamie Dedes (Accepted)

Leo (Leonnyes) (Accepted)

Olivia (Accepted)

Lu Ann (Accepted)

Cloakedmonk (Accepted)

Sumit Sarkar

The Lonely Recluse (Accepted)

Kellie Elmore

Marlee-I Mystic (Accepted)

Celebrating a Year (accepted)

Pat Cegan (Accepted)


Annell Livingston


Marian (Accepted)

Gemma @ Greyscale (Accepted)

A Fistful Of Moonbeams

Dakshi (Accepted)

Keshav Ram Narla (Accepted)

Luckyandme (Accepted)

Amrita Ghosh (Accepted)


Michael (Accepted0

Rachel (Accepted)

Yelena m. (Accepted)

Aynsley7 (Accepted)


Sam (Accepted)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… (Accepted)


Lolamouse (Accepted)

Sina Saberi (Accepted)

Dishilicious (Accepted)

Azfree (Accepted)

Tuffi kaffa



The Reason You Come (Accepted)

LeiffyV (Accepted)


Chaspalette (Accepted)

Deadpoet88 (Accepted)




Jingle (Accepted)



59 thoughts on “Thursday Poets Rally Week 38 (Feb 17-23)

    1. you must have your entry linked in yourself via linkz…at new home site…read agreement…

      the link in fresh poets to explore is not entries, …

  1. Reading and commenting on 18 poems was certainly easy enough. One question: Do I need to notify Leo I’ve met that requirement?

    Seems to me, anyone would want to read and comment the other poems. To see what other poets are doing is why I joined.

  2. i completed the task…i commented my full18 comments as i came across such amazing poetry…all the ones i chose was random..i mite go and read the others too…
    I am enjoying this..
    Chimnese( My Poetry& Writing)

  3. Hi Jingle,

    Thank you for including me but the name is David Agnew not David Andrew 🙂

    I know another poet called David Andrew but he is not me

    Halfway through my 18 now.

  4. hi jingle,

    im done with the 18 and still counting. everyone is so talented! 🙂 it’s always a pleasure to be part of the rallies.



  5. Erm…… I would like to join the crowds, but the agreement and explanations confused me a little. So, what do I do now? Just tag Thursday Poets Rally Week 38 in my post? And then comment in 18 fresh poets here?

    1. yes, you must link in an entry, then visit and comment for 18….

      the agreement simply says, original poem? willing to comment for 18? be positive?

      agree to accept awards?

  6. I’d like to create one especially for this contest. But, I don’t have that much time. I think I’ll pass this week. I will join next week. 😀

    But, please do continue to promote my blog.

    It’s an honor to be included in this list of “Fresh Poets to Know or Explore”.

  7. I don’t quite understand what to do.
    I got a ping from this post to one of my posts and I don’t understand how to go about it.

    Anyone with time to spare, please do drop me an email? 🙂

  8. Hi jingle.
    I have finished the 18 comments. It was a lot more work than I thought as a first timer! This is a fun community you have set up though!

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