ABC Wednesday-E Is 4 Everyone

Everyone deserves love,

Visible and virtual like a dove,

Everyone is versatile,

Read, write, and smile.

Ordinary folks can be extraordinary,

Nothings can stop you from being happy and alive,

Ease all the tensions, thrive!

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day, Love U All 4 The Support to Jingle!

ABC Wednesday (E Is 4 Everyone  …)

18 thoughts on “ABC Wednesday-E Is 4 Everyone

  1. Acrostics are so fun. This was a delightful one. My husband is a retired Pastor, and so many of his sermon points he did as an Acrostic… Really helps you remember the message.

  2. Nice! But I do miss the “Y” line that you left out… In a way it’s a statement of Valentine’s Day though– for those of us w/out a Valentine are “ever one”.

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