39 thoughts on “S-Words In Pink Saturday!

  1. Happy Pink Saturday Sweetie…
    A gorgeous share as always. I love the scooter, and does that flower
    heart not scream “LOVE”? Oh I love it.

    Hope you have a wonderful Pink Saturday sweet friend, and also have
    a beautiful Valentine’s Day.

    Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  2. I am slow on the pink train today because we had stuff to get done this morning, but will continue to visit and thank all the Pink Saturday visitors. Love the pink skirt:-)

    Happy Belated Pink Saturday, eventhough its still Saturday, its late now.

    Warm Regards, CindyLew

  3. had to read because i love pink! 🙂
    want to say im sorry for being gone and inactive for a while. i am in school now and do not have much time 😦 also, the only internet access i have at the moment is on my blackberry phone so i am restricted somewhat with what i am able to do. i miss jingle, potluck, rally and my readers 😦 seems i keep losing readers in my absence 😦
    hope to be back when school is done in may. wish me luck ji! thanks!

  4. In London
    I have little pink
    My tastes run more to green and blue.
    With that in mind,
    I hope you’ll find
    this list will do:
    Blue camera
    Blue mosaic tiles
    Blue carpet
    Blue bowl
    Blue blind
    Blue jeans
    Blue ball
    Blue socks
    Blue scarf.


  5. Pink certainly does rock! Great pix, especially the little girl – the pink against that hot blue is mouth-watering. Sorry I’m late visiting, I was teaching yesterday (Saturday) and we’ve been out for Valentine’s lunch today (Sunday) so only just started blog-hopping! Happy Pink Weekend, and hugs from the UK.

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