R Is 4 Respect


Respecting others is essential,

Especially to someone who is special,

Supportive manner is a good attitude,

Politeness is vital in addition to one’s aptitude,

Easy going is another grace,

Can’t you agree to live at ease?

Together, we respect and recreation to retain bliss.




35 thoughts on “R Is 4 Respect

        1. I think this post deserves an award . In fact it probably is one of the best posts I’ve seen for Alphabe-Thursday and it best sums up this meme , honestly! It’s fantastic!

  1. What a thoughtful link.

    I’ve always thought that respect and tolerance are two words that could be used a lot more in the world today.

    Thanks for a really excellent link, Miss Jingle.


  2. This should be on the back of every public restroom door, the front door of the post office , library, grocery store you name it! Very good “R” post. Words to live by!~Ames

  3. I work with clients who are more likely to think in terms of how they might have been (are you ready???) disrespected…as in “He disrespected me” Sometimes I just want to weep and laugh at the same time.

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