Haiku Heights

Stuck in a room,

Imaginations go wild,

Spyhole is wanted.


Haiku Heights (Spyhole)

Poetry Potluck at Jingle Poetry


28 thoughts on “Haiku Heights

  1. Imagination runs wild indeed.. 😉 Yeah, a lot of room for readers to take on through your beautiful write..

    Yeah, when stuck in a room, spyhole seemed to be the next best thing..

    Oh hi, Jingle.. I am back.. Yeah, had been away for a long (long) while, yeah?
    Yeah, with my injury, dad and grandpa’s op, you can imagine what it was like for me..

    Anyway, I am back for now.. and hope I am not forgotten.. 😛

    See you around, yeah and Take Care!!! 😉

    S.Pike (Krislin)

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