Life Is A Journey ( 4 Poetry Potluck Week 17)

Thanks to Amanda/Kavita 4 The Inspirations,

Week 17 Theme: Journey and The Road Ahead


Life is a journey,

The path ahead is by no means smooth or shiny;

When days are rainy,

The road may by slippery and blinding;

when days are sunny,

The road may be narrow and winding;

There maybe ocean to cross,

There maybe mountains to pass,

You have to keep the course sailing,

Either you are driving or flying.

Say NO to road rages,

Say NO to drunk driving,

Check the forecast,

Research the past,

Travel with care,

Enjoy the views along the way and SHARE!

A rose 4 U, Fellow Jingle Poetry Participants…

You Are A Rare Friend Award

The Most Resilient Poet Award

Kreativ Blogger Award


It is NEW Year, Let’s have a jump start right from HERE!

I sincerely invite YOU, poets in our community to Join our Poetry Potluck Week 17 today! The Rose and The Three Awards ABOVE  are Our New Year’s Greetings For You! Enjoy!

Poetry Potluck (Journey and the Road ahead)

52 thoughts on “Life Is A Journey ( 4 Poetry Potluck Week 17)

  1. it’s true no matter what is happening or what has happened we’re all traveling our own road through life and it pays to take care, to take our time to make sure we don’t miss the good bits as well as working our way through the rough bits. Niiiice, Jingle. 🙂
    Thanks for the visit and your kind words, very much appreciated.

  2. “Research the past.” “objects in the mirror may appear closer than they are.”

    You never know when something from your past might sneak up on you and throw you off your path. Well navigated!

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