The Celebrate Poet of 2010 Award(s)

The following Poets have won the Celebrate Poet of 2010 Runner-up Award:

Caroline, Cheryl, Orange, Althea, Tigerbrite, Heart, Wordywoman, Artswebshow, Raven, Gigi Ann, Debi, Dakshi, Faith a Geek, Mark , Ebbtide ( 6 votes)

Fearless Dreams, Marian, Neha, Thinking With An Open Mouth, Louise, Lisa, Megaha, Fyodor Lewis, Hema, Jerri, Carl, Living In The Middle, Creation Dreams (5 Votes)

The Juliebook, Madeleine, bkm, Divyam Deserted Roses, D, Anell, Meirozavin, Shaun, Joanny, Thea, Deepika, Glory, Sending Joy, 2zpoint, Gally, Drew, Mase Da Kula ( 4 votes)

Alice’s Wonderland, Southern Musings, I Listened, Moma, Exposed, Wordwand, She Writing, Just Words, Magher, Rony, RJ, Quiet Poetry, One,Love,Lexy, NV, One Writer, Sherrie, Pony Girl, Niroshan, Hailsey, David Brydon, Ogangbesanm Ruth, Shail, Drama, Mory, Splash of Expression ( 3 votes)

The Dark Jasime, A Lump In The Throat, Kim Nelson, Don poet, 1markt, Uncle Tree, Kelleygirl, IBeingMe, jebjeb, The crooked Tree, Still, Irene, run away sentence, Lies, Fashion the Sand, Ellie, Art Happens at 365, Papo, Oinky, Azfree, Geradine, Viola, Adam, Desiree, Peter, Suzicate, Noha, Suz, Little Pieces 2009, Gugo, Dulce, Pamela, Introspeak, Flying Dream poet, Poetry sound bites, Robert L, Play Ground, Suki, Seoulaja, Art and wine (2 votes)

The Following Poets Have won the Celebrate Poet of 2010 Award:

Fiveloaf (35 votes)

Kavita ( 34 Votes)

Olivia ,   Jamie Dedes ( 33 Votes)

Buttercup600 ( 30 Votes)

Leo (Leonnyes), Luke Prater, TALON ( 25 votes)

Deadpoet88 ( 24 votes)

RiikaInfinityy, Jessica, Jingle ( 22 votes)

A.B. Thomas, Mutter Fluka , Scent of my heart ( 21 votes)

Dan, Bodhirose ( 20 votes)

Sumit Sarkar, WordsWorthMillions, Caribbean Fool ( 17 votes)

Someone Is Special, Teresa, Celebrating a Year, Emmanuel Ibok, David Allen Waters, Revbillcook ( 16 votes)

Trisha, Dancingfreak, Booguloo, The Reason You Come, Eric ( 15 votes)

Heather grace stewart, Tasithoughts, ladynimue, Life: Between the lines , industrialarts , liv2write2day ( 14 votes)

Kellie Elmore ( 13 votes)

Rashmi, Sam373,  PinkLady, Robin ellen lucas, Pat Cegan , Megzone, David (1MereMortal),

PurviFrayedges, Tracyhsays, lovelyannie79, Angela ( 12 votes)

Dasuntoucha,  Bella ( 11 votes)

Ms. Peaches, Thoughts Not lost, Tootsie, Dr. Madan, Lu Ann, Imagina, We even cry the same way, Raj, Panda Wolf, Williewizzy, Ina, The Lonely Recluse, Ashbeezone ( 10 votes)

Kodio Deynew, Lauren, Words4afriend, Hedgewitch, M.I. M, Eaton, LeiffyV, Thingy ( 9 Votes)

Shamika, 700 Miles, Wiseskydriver, L, Timeto, Filling a hole, Cha, Martin, Wanjiku, Vibhuti. B, Giovanni ( 8 votes)

Mary Bach, Shashi, Tweety, Nanka, Lu Ann, Sina, David King, Tekia, Dom*, Dennis, Inside My Poem Book, G-man, A Fistful of Moon beams, Imagination, Gemma, Rameshsood, Rachel, Heartspell, Seasweeties, B, Diamondanddogs, Kathe. W, Scott, Strummed Words, Chris. G, Standford Ray, Julie Scott, Cloaked Monk, Flying Monkey ( 7 votes)

Poets Who are nominated under the post have  automatically won the Celebrate Poet of 2010 Honrable Mention Award…

Poets who have attended Thursday Poets Rally Week 36 and are NEW (First Time) to our community, have also won the honorable mention award:

79 thoughts on “The Celebrate Poet of 2010 Award(s)

  1. way to go everyone–i really need to get back into reading everyone elses poetry–feel free to come check out mine–a little dark in nature–but from the heart

    blessings and congrats again

  2. I am honored to be included. There are many great established poets and many up and coming poets. I salute you all. I haven’t had a chance to read everyone’s poetry yet. I’m not tireless like Jingle. But I’ve been impressed and I’ll continue checking out sites and expecting great things. Thank you.

  3. Indeed, I am honored
    I pass the honor
    where it truly belong
    as I only hold the pen
    Our Creator who creates
    with and through us.

    Thank you, too, the staff of this group who put so much time and love into making this happen. And to all my fellow poets who share so unselfishly, their wisdom, pain, love and humor, I honor you before my Creator. hugs, pat

  4. Congratulations to everyone! Such a wealth of talented, creative poets, it’s an honour to be among them!

    Thank you, Jingle, for your amazing spirit and all the work you do in promoting poetry and the sharing of it…

  5. Thank you!

    I’m one of the new ones, and reading over this list I realize there are a lot of poets I am not yet familiary with. Congratulations to everyone on some great writing in the past year!


  6. ..oops really? wow! what a fun way to startle me this new year and i am indeed humbled and touched by all your votes! all of you are indeed spoiling me so now, (wait~ let me think!).. the demand will surely exceed supply and my poetry churning machine needed to work overtime haha! so ji, olivia, hey guys and gals who live and breathe poems, thank you so much and i love you all! one more time- A BIG WOW! 🙂

  7. Jingle, you are very kind. It really is wonderful to acknowledge everyone.


    I’d like to thank my mother and my dentist and…

  8. Many, many thanks to everyone who voted for me and for all the other poets here.
    And great thanks to Jingle and Co. for all their hard work!

  9. WOW. I really really appreciate this one. Thanks to the people who voted for me as well as to those who voted, who are nominated and who also won. 🙂

    Kudos Ji!


  10. congratulations to everyone who won, the runners up, and the honorables!!!

    Wow folks voted for me! Thanks for the Runner Up award!

  11. Yeah! Congratulation to everyone and thanks to those who voted for me. I don’t know how you keep up Jingle, I really don’t. Now that the holidays are over, I am going to try to find some balance in my life and participate a bit more. I am like a pendulum that keeps swinging to the highest point of the arc. I will post this soon Jingle.

  12. Sweet! Thanks for the award and to those who voted for me. I am honored to be included. Thanks all and congrats to all the winners 🙂

  13. Wow, a new car!
    Kidding. I am so honored to receive this award.
    Thanks first to Jingle–I don’t know how you do what you do. I think you must not sleep.
    Thanks to all the poets—quite simply, you rock.

  14. Thank you, Jingle, for your hard work in putting this together and thanks for the votes/award. Especially thanks to ALL the poets who contribute their work to poetry blogs and assure that the art of poetry will grow and become meaningful again, especially to our younger generation.

  15. Thanks so very much for the wonderful acknowledgement. I am truly humbled and honored to have been noted for my work/play.

    Much love to this wonderful group and Jingle who works so hard for our benefit. Thank you, Jingle.

  16. Thanks for the massive amount of time and energy you’ve put into this, Jingle. Very much appreciated. And thanks all for the votes, truly. Humbled.

    Poem on into 2011

    Warmest Salad

    Luke @ WordSalad

  17. Thanks so much to each and everyone of you who have voted for me, a special thank you to Jingle for all your hard word and dedication…without you this will not be possible. I am so humbled that you thought of me, even during these quiet summer months …I am looking forward to a new year with lots of writing and wishing everyone a wonderful 2011.

    Thanks again and POETRY ROCKS!!!

  18. I may have typos on your names and please let me know if I spelled your names wrong.

    I am a human, not a machine, I could not work 10 hours in a row, I took a break often and get tired of looking at the links at times…

    Sorry for the misspelling on A Fistful Moon Beams, The Lonely Recluse, Tootsie, Living in the middle, …

    1. No worries on the typo Jingle, we don’t expect you to be anything more than human and yet you do better than many at being more. Thanks for all the hard work and time you put into what you do (I’m sure everyone will agree with that statement), and thanks for listening to us and bothering to sort out the typos even though they don’t really matter. You do an amazing job, I just hope you keep at it.
      The Lonely Recluse.

  19. Thank you so much Jingle for this award! The badge is displayed proudly on my blog! And thank you so much to all those who voted for my poetry, even though I am a newcomer to this community!

    Happy New Year everyone!

  20. Thanks so much to all who visited me and nominated me through Votes.You are all the inspiration for my writing
    Thank you Jingle for this opportunity to get noticed and awarded.
    Keep the rally going!

  21. Congrats to all, so much wonderful writing! Jingle, am I the Scott in the 7 votes category? Really? I am so glad I’ve discovered you all, and I am grateful that God chooses to use me to write. I am enjoying this journey of discovery and I am glad to have met so many wonderful folks!

  22. Three years ago I would have doubted the popularity and resurgence of poetry. I would have said, had I been asked, that it was a minor player in the literary world. I couldn’t have been more ignorant of the truth if I tried, delightedly so!
    I’m amazed and in awe of the talent that everyone of us brings to the net and in the number of readers interested in what we write.
    Thank you to all nine poets who voted for me. I’m warmed and rewarded by you faith in me as a poet.
    Thank you Jingle for inviting me into this community.


  23. Thank you for the award and much oblige to all of those who thought I was worthy of a vote! i appreciate you.

  24. Sorry this is so late, I have been absent from my brain for awhile! Thank you so much for the award and the forum. I appreciate all the time and effort it takes.


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