M Is 4 Monday’s Child In 55 Words

Image credit: Monday’s Child from soul Intention


It’s winter in my city,
My cat gives birth to a kitty.
Mother cat loves her kitten
and enjoys milk in the kitchen.
Baby cat makes curious stare
whenever her mom goes out to breathe some fresh air.
They have fun cuddling on a rocking chair
and watching trees near the window,
lonely and bare.


Friday Flash 55

Monday’s Child

Poets United

39 thoughts on “M Is 4 Monday’s Child In 55 Words

  1. A great, straightforward description of a little slice of life. Love it! Stay cozy this cold January day!

  2. I love the magical, lilting quality of this rhyme.

    It takes me back to Little Golden Books and really makes me smile.

    Thanks for an a M azing link to Alphabe-Thursday’s letter “M”.

    I really, really loved this little rhyme.

    Thanks for sharing it.


  3. So so so cute!!! And although I am not tooooo high on pets (sigh), my parents have adopted a kitten, and these days, whenever to speak to them over the phone, all they talk about is the kitten!! whhheeewww …
    Recently, I saw its pictures, and it is simply adorable!! Just like the one you have here…

    Warm hugs to you, Ji.. for this super cute poem!! 🙂

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