No More Questions of Why We Met


For the purpose of positive things

That are needed some more,

I will stretch my wings

And befriend with you all.

I will make sure the bell rings

when you are at the door.


For the wonders on open markets

That is hard to explain,

I will give up chicken nuggets

that are artificial and plain,

I will hand you some buckets

to catch the pouring rain.


If there is something sad

That blurs your way,

You shall be glad

that you are the boss of your day,

Stop on red,

Go on green, I say.


No more talk of darkness, forget

These wide-eyed fears;

No more thinking of failures, set

your alarm clock at 5am, cheers;

No more questions of why we met,

Follow the traffic, hold on tight to your gears.

Magpie Tales

Carry On Tuesday

ABC Wednesday (Y=Why, Don’t Ask, Bye Bye…)

33 thoughts on “No More Questions of Why We Met

  1. Nice Jingle, forgive and forget.. Good note to start the new year with.. There is so much to learn!!
    Thanks for the beautiful reminder

  2. Neat. For some reason, I like the renunciation of the chicken nuggets (‘artificial and plain’) best–that seems to sum everything up quite well.

  3. Interesting, and positive!! That’s what I liked most about this poem! Exactly what I can expect from someone as positive as you, Ji! Well done!

  4. yes, very enjoyable and light hearted…my favorite lines: buckets to catch pouring rain and youare the boss of your day….Uplifting poem for the mysterious object

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