End of Grief (Micro-Fiction Monday In Blue & Yellow)


Piles of cash,

A five-star car,

Free gas to drive near or far…

Zach gives a sign of relief,

His farm did win, end of grief.

Micro-fiction Monday at SUSAN’S (written in 137 characters)

Poets United

Mellow Yellow Monday

Blue Monday

ABC Wednesday (Y is 4 Yellow…)

24 thoughts on “End of Grief (Micro-Fiction Monday In Blue & Yellow)

  1. Let’s hope that Zach doesn’t spend it all immediately. I like the inverted V style of your poem…it builds interest with each line.

  2. Woo-hoo to the winner! I reread this and will go back for more. This reads like so much fun and I’m still not sure why. Maybe just the whole lotto/winning that makes me think..maybe, someday.

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